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CoverIT has been making protective covers since 1992, supplying the trade and retail shops around Australia.

So you’ve invested in stylish, quality Outdoor furnitureMaybe a BBQ? Or you’ve installed an new air conditioner?. It looks amazing, especially when your using it in the warmer months in pristine condition. But what happens in the colder, wetter months, and the weather take that shine off 

Outdoor Furniture and equipment isn’t cheap. And whilst you’ve invested in quality, no matter how good it is, if not protected, it will eventually be badly affected by the weather 

As Australians, we appreciate and make the most of our beautiful climate. We live an outdoor lifestyle and make the most to entertain and create outdoor living zones. From alfresco dinning zones, outdoor sofa’s and lounges, large gourmet bbq’soutdoor kitchens and fire pitsAnd we also appreciate that this same weather is harsh and takes its toll on these quality purchases.  

Pounding winter rain and extreme summer sun can really damage your outdoor furniture, bbq’soutdoor kitchens and stainless-steel sinks. Moreover, any outdoor electrical equipment including air-conditioning compressors and condenser units all take a beating and risk non-operation and costly repairs.  

Luckily there’s. We are Australia’s premium custom outdoor Cover manufacturing company. We make covers for all things outdoors that need protection from the elements. From Outdoor Furniture, Barbeque (BBQ), and electrical equipment (air conditioners, filters and entertainment systems), we custom make solutions to protect your investment 

Some of the most requested made to order cover solutions are:  

Outdoor Furniture Covers 

We make covers for all domestic and commercial outdoor furniture  

  • Outdoor Umbrella Covers 
  • Outdoor Seat Covers 
  • Outdoor Bench Cover 
  • Outdoor Dining Chair Covers 
  • Outdoor Dining Set Cover 
  • Outdoor Dining Table Cover  
  • Outdoor Rectangular Table Covers  
  • Outdoor Round Table Cover 
  • Outdoor Sectional Furniture Covers 
  • Outdoor Setting Covers 
  • Outdoor Sectional Sofa Cover 
  • Outdoor Couch Cover 
  • Outdoor Chaise Covers 
  • Outdoor Lounge Cover 
  • Outdoor Daybed Cover 
  • Outdoor Cushion Covers  
  • Outdoor Modular Furniture Covers 
  • Outdoor Spa Covers 
  • Outdoor Firepit Covers 

Outdoor Equipment Covers 

We make covers for all domestic and commercial equipmentfor all makes and models: 

  • Outdoor round and rectangle outdoor Pool filter covers 
  • Outdoor Heater Covers 
  • Outdoor TV Covers 
  • Outdoor Generators 
  • Outdoor Hot water tanks 
  • Outdoor Hot water panels Covers 
  • Outdoor Solar panels Covers 
  • Outdoor Trampoline Covers 
  • Outdoor Spa Covers 
  • Outdoor Basketball ring Covers 

Outdoor Barbeque (BBQ) Covers 

We make BBQ covers for all major brands, makes and models from ……. 

  • Outdoor gourmet grill cover 
  • Outdoor sectional furniture covers 
  • Outdoor stainlesssteel sink cover 
  • Outdoor 8 burner BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 6 burner BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 6 burner hooded BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 4 burner BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 4 burner flat BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 2 burner BBQ cover 
  • Outdoor 2 burner flat BBQ cover 
  • Hooded BBQ cover 
  • Round BBQ grill covers 
  • Large BBQ cover 

Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers  

We make covers for all domestic and commercial air conditioners, for all major brands, makes and model from ……. 

  • Outdoor Air Conditioner (AC) Cover 
  • AC Unit covers 
  • Air conditioner compressor cover 
  • Air conditioner wall sleeve cover 
  • Small air conditioner cover 
  • Industrial air conditioner covers 
  • Balcony air conditioner cover 
  • Winter Evaporative air conditioner cover 

We use one of the best rot resistant, waterproof, UV stabilized and heavy-duty(optional) material to manufacture quality protective covers for BBQ’s, Furniture, Evaporative air-conditioning covers and many more at our dedicated factory located in the beautiful islands of Fiji

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